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CricTracker: Sanju Samson: reckless or selfless?

“Sanju Samson’s mountainous strikes blazed the early stage of the IPL; he was a literal force of nature that savagely annihilated all in its path. Despite his newfound sheer muscle and power, he maintained the balletic poise and the ludicrously deft touch that we have all associated with Samson in the past. An audacious 74 and a belligerent 85, in RR’s 1st two games, suggested to the world that the undeniably gifted Sanju Samson had finally come of age and was ready to take the cricketing world by storm.”

“However, his IPL season, despite the early promise, went downhill. He visibly struggled for constancy in his performances and was a fallible victim to the infamous soft dismissal. Sanju Samson’s admirers around the globe groaned in a duo of unadulterated frustration and sadness; they had believed that the 2020 IPL would be the cherished year that Sanju Samson’s impenetrable bond with inconsistency would finally be broken. Alas, it was not meant to be.”

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