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What next for Prithvi Shaw?

International cricket is an relentless spiral of unfathomable highs and lows. One day you are heralded for inevitable glory, the other you are the devil incarnate. It is futile to crave unerring success as the haunting presence of failure will barbarically hunt you down. No recent cricketer has epitomised this as much as Prithvi Shaw.

Even from the tender age of 15, Shaw was tipped for unparalleled greatness; his astonishing 546 in a school game was deemed as a mere glimpse of things to come. The endless furore surrounding this precocious talent appeared to be justified when an 18 year old Prithvi Shaw stroked a marvelous 134 on his test debut. The knock showcased his flamboyant flair and his exquisite timing of cricket ball, qualities that are synonymous with the greats of our game. Fans were simply awestruck by the sheer class that Shaw possessed and proclaimed the immediate arrival of the next Sachin Tendulkar.

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