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What next for Prithvi Shaw?

International cricket is an relentless spiral of unfathomable highs and lows. One day you are heralded for inevitable glory, the other you are the devil incarnate. It is futile to crave unerring success as the haunting presence of failure will barbarically hunt you down. No recent cricketer has epitomised this as much as Prithvi Shaw.… Continue reading What next for Prithvi Shaw?

My external articles & others, Player spotlight

CricTracker: Sanju Samson: reckless or selfless?

"Sanju Samson’s mountainous strikes blazed the early stage of the IPL; he was a literal force of nature that savagely annihilated all in its path. Despite his newfound sheer muscle and power, he maintained the balletic poise and the ludicrously deft touch that we have all associated with Samson in the past. An audacious 74… Continue reading CricTracker: Sanju Samson: reckless or selfless?

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Decoding the genius of Sam Curran

Elite batsmen are often presented with the unthinkably daunting prospect of taming some of the most ferocious fast bowlers to have ever graced the globe. These supreme athletes typically tower well beyond the realms of 6 foot, gifting them with the petrifying aura of an indomitable beast. Even the absolute cream of the crop quiver… Continue reading Decoding the genius of Sam Curran

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Why we have to be patient with Jofra Archer

Jofra Archer, admittedly, hasn't had the greatest of summers, to say the least. From breaching the biosecure bubble protocol to being accused of "not trying" to bowl fast, Archer has been no stranger to controversy this English summer and perhaps as a result of that, his performances have declined dramatically as well. Two underwhelming tours… Continue reading Why we have to be patient with Jofra Archer